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Our Philosophy

Everyone who has gained mastery in a second language has done so by testing it in many challenging, real-life situations.

Traditional language courses don’t teach the complete set of skills you need to use a language effectively in the real world. Learners rarely reach the level of understanding and experience needed to communicate confidently in English, remaining unable to apply a foreign language in diverse situations. Neither classroom learning nor online courses expose learners to the ultimate challenge of speaking English as it is spoken today.

At Accelera learning comes through experience. We bring native English-speakers from across the globe from all backgrounds and professions to speak, listen and motivate you, delivering results through communication.

We provide intensive, immersive language programmes based on an innovative proven learning model that produces fast results and gives you  the confidence to ‘speak up’ in English.

We understand the limitations of time, budget and motivation, so deliver our programme as a highly effective plunge into English. Instead of traditional teaching, this unique method involves our Conversation Coaches: native English-speakers who accelerate and motivate learners towards an intrinsic understanding of how the language is used. This allows us to deliver the fastest, most effective language programme in the UK, facilitating conversation, comprehension and confidence through fully authentic, immersive learning.





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