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Our Objectives

Improve Comprehension

In conversation you need a wide vocabulary and a grasp of regional language differences. More importantly, you need to be able to adapt ‘on the fly’ to words and phrases you haven’t heard before, using what you know to interpret what you don’t. Without these skills, real life conversations are stilted, awkward for everyone concerned and less productive than they should be.

In traditional teaching scenarios, if you don’t understand something the automatic assumption is that you need to devote more time to grammar.  This isn’t always the case however.  In most classrooms and online language courses, students are taught to repeat and remember stock phrases and verb patterns. They are not taught to understand complex, on-going conversations. Listening is a key part of the comprehension process yet traditional language learning environments often neglect the development of crucial listening skills. This leaves students ill-equipped to cope with real life situations. The broad range of accents, slang and mannerisms that make languages unique can never be conveyed in a classroom with a single teacher.

While traditional classes simulate situations at Accelera, we know that real conversations are unpredictable, both in content and delivery. Our programmes accelerate our learners’ language skills by immersing them in conversation with our native English speakers, developing comprehension fast, and preparing them to become effective communicators.


Enjoy Conversation

How many hours do typical language students spend on grammar with their teachers? Does this enable them to communicate freely in the language?

Our learners experience a completely different method, spending over 12 hours a day immersed in conversation. With an equal number of Conversation Coaches and language learners, plus our programme director and MC, our personalised approach is unrivalled by any other language course. At our one-to-one conversation sessions, we enable our learners to communicate and express ideas over an extended period without the fear of failure that often stops learners from making full use of their language knowledge. Our learners may find themselves making grammatical mistakes at first, but their immersive experience with our Conversation Coaches soon develops an instinct for grammar, as well as confidence and adaptability. Because our coaches are sourced from around the English-speaking world, learners become accustomed to the diverse ways in which the language is actually spoken.

Language learning at its most effective, our programme guarantees measurable results in the shortest period of time, delivering the skills required to fully engage in conversations in the real world.


Boost Confidence

Are you able to socialise or conduct presentations in English without feelings of anxiety?  Can you truly say that you are fully exploiting the language knowledge you took so long to acquire?

Developing confidence in another language relies, first and foremost, on the ability to understand others. Even those with a qualification in English may not be confident enough in their language skills to conduct a presentation or take a call in their second language. Without the confidence gained from experience in real life language use, a qualification on a CV has limited value and can represent a real waste of potential.

Accelera’s one-to-one coaching sessions enable our learners to communicate and express ideas freely in English over an extended period, without the fear of failure. At Accelera our learners face relevant, varied situations to help them overcome psychological barriers. Each language learner has the support and freedom to explore different levels of conversation, enabling them to converse with confidence.


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