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Immerse yourself in conversation with native speakers from around the world.

Unlike traditional methods of learning English, Accelera demonstrates that immersive learning with native English speakers from around the world is the key to greater confidence and ability in conversation.

Step forward our Coaches…

Using a strict selection process, we work with people from all backgrounds and age groups from the English-speaking world: the USA, Canada, Ireland, England, Australia, South Africa and beyond. Our Coaches are a mix of qualified English teachers and industry professionals from various fields and provide learners with the experience necessary to develop crucial conversational skills often unmet by other learning methods. They will facilitate your learning and focus on aspects that are important to you, on topics that will be genuinely useful in your professional life.  We are always looking for experienced teachers and people to become coaches for us.

Our Conversation Coaches’ lifelong experience of speaking English, as well as their enthusiasm for the language, provides learners with an invaluable opportunity to develop their English conversation skills. Keen to create a supportive, encouraging and constructive space for learners to develop, our coaches converse on any subject, guiding learners towards a richer understanding and experience of how English is spoken.

Classroom-based and online language training, regardless of how many hours spent on vocabulary and grammar, leaves a critical gap. At Accelera, we know that real conversations are unpredictable, and that confidence and experience are therefore essential.

Our 1:1 ratio of Conversation Coaches to learners enables us to deliver a concentrated programme of activities, specially designed to immerse learners in targeted English conversation all day every day. Our fluid rotation system gives learners the benefit of individual attention from multiple coaches, meaning that they are exposed to a wide range of accents, vocabulary, phrases and experience to enhance their communication skills.

Our Staff

We pride ourselves on our welcoming, friendly approach, and this is reflected in the team members who lead the group over the duration of the programme. Our Programme Director is a highly qualified English teacher, and organizes all activities and ensures that all participants’ needs are met.  Our Master of Ceremonies (MC) is responsible for the group and presentation activities. Both members of staff offer advice and support for presentations, coordinate group activities and motivate learners throughout the week.

Accelera was created as a complementary tool to traditional English-teaching methods.  We’re a group from various sectors of the English language industry, and with our combined experience of 20 years and from feedback from students we’ve identified a crucial gap in the market for using English language in an authentic environment.  Many English students have reported that they still suffer from anxiety and frustration when trying to express themselves, despite months and sometimes years of traditional lessons.

We are also aware that people don’t have much time and we’ve created a programme that answers those needs to allow language learners to reap the full linguistic value over a concentrated period.  Our team is amplified by a group of native speakers from all parts of the globe, who are enthusiastic about the English language and its variations.  Our values in providing quality learning enable us to partner with prestigious and beautiful venues, such as Wyboston Lakes near Cambridge and Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire.  These charming venues promise to promote the enrichment of the English language, and we invite you to be part of this truly special linguistic experience.

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