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1. What is the minimum age to attend the programme?

As a professional programme, the minimum age for participation is 18.

2. What is the age range of the native English speakers?
The age range is between 30 and 65-years-old.  For a Young Persons programme we will organise for younger native speakers (18-23 years of age) to attend.

3. Who is the typical language participant?
They can be a range of people, from company delegates to language improvers, professionals of any industry, as well as retirees.

4. Are there programmes for young people?
We can organize programmes for young people between the ages of 18 and 23 on request

5. Do I need a minimum level of English to participate in a programme?
Yes, a minimum level of lower intermediate English is required. You are invited to participate in a free, no obligation telephone level test with our friendly teaching director.  The test only takes 10 minutes to complete.

6. How many participants take part per programme?
A maximum of 12 participants can take part in a programme.

7. What differentiates this immersion programme from others?
At Accelera our focus is to give you confidence in speaking English in any situation. We give you the opportunity to speak, listen and learn with up to 12 native English speakers from various countries for over 12 hours a day. We are the only provider in the UK that offers a ratio of 1:1 students to coaches.

9. Are there teachers in your programmes?
Our coaches are a mix of English teachers and people from all professions. They come from around the English-speaking world and offer an international perspective to students. We recruit motivated native speakers who together offer something that traditional teachers cannot:  English as it is spoken today by people in your industry, your demographic and in a wide variety of accents. Our Programme Director leads the group and is a highly experienced and dynamic English teacher.

10. Does the programme include classes in grammar and vocabulary?
We do not teach grammar or vocabulary. The programme is based on one-to-one conversations and group activities that increase your comprehension and speaking skills and boost your confidence in speaking English.

11. How many types of programmes do you run?

We run weekend programmes, 3-day programmes and our signature 5-day programme.

12. What activities are included in your programmes?
In addition to one-to-one sessions, there are telephone sessions with English speakers, role plays, conference calls, team-building challenges, workshops and presentations.




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